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Local Business Spotlight: Ladyfingers Cakes and Catering

Our next local business spotlight features one of Gilmer’s sweetest businesses: Ladyfingers Cakes and Catering. Ladyfingers Cakes and Catering The small building is bare but inviting, due to the owner’s warm personality. Lisa Sneed invites me in and begins icing a cake as we visit. “What made you open up a catering office?” “I like…

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Local Business Spotlight: Gilmer Doghouse

The Gilmer Doghouse Randy Lynn, owner of the Gilmer Doghouse, is a middle-aged man of average build with glasses and a gentle air about him. I notice this as he shakes my hand and takes me to a place where we can visit. Walking past the dog pens, it’s what is absent that matters most:…

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Local Business Spotlight: Salon de Le Soleil

Salon de Le Soleil Jim Tennison is not your average gym buff. He’s got the standard bulging biceps and quadriceps, but he’s concerned about more than pumping iron. While chatting with him on a cloudy Monday, I learned the drive behind the design of Salon de Le Soleil, a combined salon/spa/gym here in Gilmer. “We…

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